We hate to think you'd ever want or need a refund...but sometimes these things happen. And we sincerely want you happy when you order from us. If there is ever any problem with your order just shoot us an email and we will figure out what happened and how we can fix it. You can reach us on our contact page. (We also accept love letters)

Tracking your order:

When you order from us you'll get an email with a tracking number. Especially with the pies, make sure someone is around to get the package so you can get them into the fridge or freezer ASAP. We don't use preservatives, so they need to stay cold! 

Expiration Dates: 

We'll have expiration dates on all our products. If you put the pies into the freezer you've got months after the date! Although our granola does not HAVE to go into the fridge, and it'll last months in the heat sealed bag outside the fridge, we need to tell you, it is DELICIOUS cold!! 

What certifications do we have?

TPIN is Vegan Certified and Paleo Certified. Which basically means we get asked a LOT of questions about our ingredients and we take them all very seriously. We are also gluten free. Our commercial kitchen is our own. And we gutted the space and built it. Never has anything containing gluten ever come through our door. And it never will. We are also a Vegan kitchen, a soy free kitchen, a peanut free kitchen AND a Paleo kitchen.

If it's not made with nuts...we don't make it.

How many bags of granola can Chef Diana eat in one sitting?

I usually stop at two, just incase I'm being video taped. But if I am up late at night in my office...who needs a bag? I just get a bowl and get serious.

Where did you come up with the name of the company?

I (Diana) had MANY ideas for naming the company. But it all seemed so permanent...and not one seemed right. I knew I had to Trademark something ASAP. I was going insane one day driving down the FDR and I screamed (to myself) "THIS PIE IS NUTS!!!!". I smiled and I never looked back.

Will eating granola make you sexier?

Yes. Definitely.

What if I want to ship Granola to someone active in our military?

Shoot us an email on our contact page and we will help you make that happen. The USPS has some great Priority Mail® APO/FPO Large Flat Rate Boxes. We've got them and are happy to ship them out for you. They won't come up on our regular shipping options...but we are happy to get the email and work with you that way.

No pies shipped this way at this time...we don't have the insulated liners for these USPS boxes

What sweeteners do you use?

Maple syrup, and we throw some raisins and dates in the crusts of the pies. That's it.

Where can we find you in NYC?

We are in a few great stores in the NYC area.

  1. Abigail's Bakery in Brooklyn
  2. Westerly Natural Market in Manhattan
  3. Astoria Coffee in Queens (Granola Only)
  4. Cook Unity Meal Delivery in Brooklyn
  5. Foragers in Brooklyn
  6. Springbone in Manhattan